For the spring of 2019, I was part of the The Urban Collaboratory Studio, which combines design tactics with strategy for place-making in the bottom-up transformation of cities. The studio works collaboratively, challenging the notion of singular authorship by including Community Forge tenants, users, neighbors and other stakeholders as co-designers. Engaging with Middle School students on a weekly basis, we experiment with modes of participation, in order to develop an urban strategy and tactical interventions.
Community Forge (CF) and the studio are collaborating in rethinking the outdoor community space with an emphasis on “educational landscape” because of the Kaboom grant. Rather than responding to a predefined design brief, we will work with CF to design ideas and communities for the school year with and after the Kaboom Grant, which needs to be spent by October 2019. The goal for the semester is to implement one small intervention that can act as a trigger to more engaging, imagining, designing and building. Success for us is when we are no longer needed, we are igniting a spark that catalyzes the community to have agency in their own built environment.
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